Travel Design

As a long term Boston resident, our mission is to preserve and utilize such experiences to create a unique tour course.

The “City of First’s”

Home to the first subway station, state park, public library, Boston encompasses a city full of rich culture and history

The very city where the battle of freedom was fought and earned

Home to the world’s best universities and the richest American history

Philosopher Henry David Thoreau’s transcendent “Walden” is a book that has made widely influenced figures such as Gandhi, Buddhist monk Bubjung.

You will be able to peacefully explore this famous Walden House

The center of that was first introduced through the famous novel “The Scarlet Letter,” Salem Witch Museum

You will be given a chance to explore the town of Plymouth, home to the pilgrims who first sailed from England in 1620 on the Mayflower as well as the sacred land of the Indian Wamponag tribe.

Plymouth Plantations is also another one of Boston’s famous attractions

Different from a conventional Boston city tour, we strive everyday to create a whole different experience for a city that holds many unhidden beauties and wonders.

Regular Day Tour

Old state house (Freedom Trail) – Boston Common – Trinity Church – Fenway Park (home to the Boston Red Sox) – MIT – Harvard – Quincy Market – Walden House

Healing in Boston

Whether you are here visiting your children, family, or going on a business trip, are you looking to take a break?

We offer opportunities to take a break and explore what Boston has to offerFrom golfing in new England’s breathtaking landscape to fishing on the coast of the Atlantic ocean, and biking along the trails of Cape Cod.
Martha’s Vineyard, known as one of President Obama’s vacation spots

We will adjust to your interests to the best of our capabilities