Settle Design

Starting one of the greatest settlement service in the Boston area. The moment you arrive at the airport, providing everything you need. Showing you how to things in America. We can help you with your banking, school enrollment, car rentals, house rentals and more.

The services provided are as follows.
We will proceed after negotiation and adjustment according to your situation.

1. Airport pick up

  • From the airport to your comfortable room.

2. Buy/Rent Housing

  • Choosing from different House Styles.
  • On-site exploration and rental contract services.
  • Helping you through the whole process when buying a house.
  • Introducing you to homestay

3. Setting Up

  • Purchase of mobile phone support
  • Opening a bank account and support making a check book application
  • Showing you Korean Marts in your area
  • Helping you buy furniture, household items, appliances, etc.
  • Electricity, gas, home phone, TV, Internet application support

4. Car Purchasing

  • Support of a car purchase
  • Driving license, ID application form, and DMV support
  • Guide to the best driving insurance

5. Admitting a School

  • Consultation on school selection
  • Support for enrollment at school
  • Referrals to the best Academy's.