Private Assistance Design

We offer a variety of services to effectively guide our customers through the city of Boston.

Corporate Conferences & Hotel reservation services
In occurrence with the multitudinous fall, winter, and spring professional conferences that take place in Boston, we are fully equipped to help our customers book rooms and transport them wherever needed.
Airport Pickup and transportation services
With over ten years of driving experience in Boston, transportation to and from the airport is accessible all year round.
Private & Boarding School Student Services (transportation to testing sites)

For all students who currently attend private and boarding schools and need assistance getting to and from testing sites, lessons, competitions, or obtaining school supplies, we offer safe and efficient transportation as well as guidance.

  • In addition, we provide assistance to those who are seeking a private athletic, music, or art instructor.
Translation Guide Services
Given the specific dates and times, we will take you on a tour to see the nation’s finest private schools, all translation services included. We offer services in all different areas, whether it be shopping for merchandise or attending information sessions.
Broadcasting filming Services

Designed specifically for visiting Korean broadcasting stations, we offer transportation to various places such as renown universities and companies.

Legal and other logistical Services

Whether you are looking for the right documents to appeal at court, have business at the town hall, or any questions about insurance and other logistics, we have the resources to guide you down the right path.

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