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It is my personal honor to accompany your child’s academic journey towards success in America.

Hope Edu offers young, ambitious teenagers around the world the opportunity to join prestigious boarding schools and junior boarding schools in New England and make their dreams come true.

Hope Edu consists of a wonderful team of educational consultants who are second-to-none in terms of professionalism and educational experience. Together, we are committed to ensuring that your child not only stands out among one’s peers at school, but also feels safe and satisfied in the US.

Nothing makes us happier than witnessing your child’s success.

At Hope Edu, each and every student is treated like family. It is our highest priority to kindle an independent spirit in your child and help one lead a bold, inspiring life here in the Land of Opportunity.

Services offered at Hope Edu

Middle & High School Admissions Consulting

Developing the “Game Plan”

While many disenchanted parents wish to send their children abroad in search of better education, not many of them actually possess the resources that allow them to do so. Hope Edu spends a great deal of time comprehending the full gamut of you and your child’s aspirations, potential, and values as we develop an academic game plan designed just for you. We recommend only those institutions where we have 100% certainty that your child will immediately fit in and make one’s mark. Bringing every bit of our know-how and expertise to bear, we will strive relentlessly until your child finds oneself at one’s most desired school environment.

Hope Edu puts great emphasis on not just reaching out directly to the admissions offices of the schools we send our children to, but also maintaining friendly, cooperative relationships with the relevant personnel. Hence, we are aware of any sudden, last-minute developments that help us make smart decisions and maximize our admissions results.

Getting one’s Application Ready (Personal Essay, Activity List, etc.)

The more one deliberates over one’s application, the better it looks in the eyes of the admission officers. However, since there is only so many applications one submits throughout one’s lifetime, it is quite understandable that not just young students but even full grown-ups have a hard time writing, clear and concisely, why one should be picked.

And that is where Hope Edu steps in: from the very beginning of application season, we sit down with your child and discuss what one’s own character, areas of interest, and future career paths actually are. Once all pieces are carefully put together, your child will be ready to hand in a thoughtful, well-prepared application packet.

Studying for Aptitude Tests (TOEFL, SSAT)

When it comes to test-taking, only one strategy counts: it’s “practice makes perfect.”

While you child’s test score quite accurately reveals how hard one has tried, Hope Edu provides that “final push” that will no doubt boost your child’s performance. Our dedicated, accomplished teachers train your child so that one feels utmost confidence on test day.

Coaching ahead of Interview Sessions

It is truly a frightening experience for young students to hold an interview session with a total stranger in English, a language they are not yet comfortable with. Hope Edu helps your children familiarize themselves with the interview procedures by providing sample interview questions and setting up mock interview sessions. With our support, your child will be ready to impress the interviewers in no time.

Educational Guidance in the US


Even the brightest students have a hard time adjusting to a foreign culture and learning environment at such an early age. Hope Edu’s guardianship service assures that your child swiftly puts down roots and becomes an integral part of one’s new community. On behalf of the parents, guardians are assigned the roles of receiving updates from school on the child’s academic performance, social life, etc. and granting permissions for events such as weekend trips to the nearby mall. The importance of good guardianship cannot be overstated, for schools only recognize and work with guardians whom they know well and fully trust. Sometimes, our excellent guardians assume the role of a strict parent when the student is in need of firm discipline. But for most of the time, they are simply cool mentors who are ready to pass awesome life advices.


From studying for tomorrow’s pop quiz to gearing up for the AP tests, we cater to every need and want of the student by hiring the best and brightest tutors Boston has to offer. Tutoring usually occurs during the weekends or holidays and takes shapes and sizes of one’s choosing.

Spring Break and Summer/Winter Vacation Programs

While your child should enjoy one’s well-deserved free time after a full-blown semester, let’s not forget that vacation season is also your child’s one and only opportunity to prepare for successful college admissions. Nothing is more important than making sure your child spends one’s spring breaks and summer/winter vacations wisely. After a realistic assessment of your child’s current academic standings, Hope Edu develops a detailed, systematic “to-do list” in order to take your child’s performance level to the next level.

Thanksgiving Program

Near the end of November, all US schools take a week-long break in celebration of Thanksgiving. Hope Edu helps your child take advantage of this golden opportunity by offering various classes that guarantee rapid score improvement.

College Admissions Consulting

Good college consulting requires much, much more than simply handing over a list of colleges the student can get into based on one’s SAT scores and GPA.

Hope Edu takes great pride in taking the roles of a parent, teacher, and mentor for your child as one “comes of age.” After the consistent care-taking and countless dialogues we have had with your child, we believe that nobody knows your child better than us. Also, by keeping in touch with your child’s teachers and receiving progress reports from them in person, we are in a position to most accurately determine your child’s level of scholastic achievement as well as the possible future career routes that will fit one the most.

And that is the kind of holistic, overarching thought process that takes place ever since your child first reached the US; it is what allows us to produce a realistic and effective way-ahead for college admissions the moment your child enters 11th grade. College counselling deals with your child’s test scores, GPA, school activities (athletics, arts, leadership, etc.), recommendation letters, summer camps, personal essays, and much more. We offer professional advice, timely insights and painstaking effort-making in order to ensure only the most optimal results.

To contact Hope Edu, please call 617-959-2790 / +82-10-9357-9606

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